Each session begins by checking in about how the client is feeling, what he or she has noticed since the last session, and then moves on to an assessment. This entails looking at the client while standing or in movement to see what kind of postural or structural patterns exist. This information is gathered as a way to see how the body is functioning effectively and where there could be more ease.

The client then transitions to the table for about 60 minutes, perhaps a few times getting up and standing or moving around to see how the work is feeling. At the end of each session, Kate will work with the client seated and finish with movement or exercises to integrate the changes.

For many people, the changes felt during a session are instant. For others, the work percolates over the course of a few days. “Dancing with Gravity” is a well-written article detailing the writer’s experience of the work as well as the history and science behind structural integration.

It is best to schedule sessions one week apart (or two weeks, depending on scheduling or finances) to allow enough time for integration.