Online Winter Retreat

This online retreat includes numerous seated meditations, the practice of yogic breathing, guided movement explorations and relational mindfulness exercises during which we engage with others in breakout rooms. There will be specific times to ask questions or share experiences as well as scheduled breaks throughout the day for meals and walks, naps, journaling, etc. Our hope is that participants can be in the practice of Noble Silence throughout the retreat weekend.

Retreat Schedule

Friday Night Opening Circle 7-8:30pm

Saturday begins at 6:30am, last meditation at 8pm

Sunday begins at 6:30am, Closing Circle ends at 6:30pm


To sign up for the retreat, please Register Here

Payment is due at the time of registration. $335 via online payment; $325  via check made payable to:

Kate Bradfield/Upright Rolfing 3827D S Edmunds St Seattle, WA 98118

Full refunds less $25 if canceled before January 10th. After January 10th, participant will be refunded full amount less $50.

Suggestions for your retreat experience

  • If participants live with roommates or family, and are staying at home for the duration of the retreat, set up expectations and boundaries ahead of time to ensure your retreat experience can be as internal as possible. What might you need to communicate before the first meeting on Friday evening so that you can remain in silence as much as possible?
  • Consider making food for yourself ahead of time- a big pot of soup or kitchari – and having all that you’ll need for nourishment before starting retreat at 7pm on Friday. Ideally, participants only have to venture out in the world during this weekend to go on walks or hikes in the area around their retreat space.

Requests by Jenny & Kate

  • Please refrain from consuming any drug (this includes alcohol) during your retreat. Tea and coffee are fine.
  • We will be engaging with technology in order to be in community this weekend. Aside from this designated screen time, please put your phone on Airplane Mode and set up a vacation responder for your email. We are asking that participants make a conscious effort to restrict their technology intake this weekend and only tune in to a device for our class meeting times. We know how hard this is and we trust you to do the best you can.
  • As with all retreats Jenny and Kate hold, we ask that you take a break from reading books, articles, interviews, news, magazines, etc. Reading is wonderful and…. it takes us out of a present moment experience. Journaling is 100% welcomed! What if you took this weekend to stay with your experience, rather than go outside of it into a narrative that is not your own?

About Jenny and Kate

Jenny and Kate draw from their backgrounds in bodywork, mindfulness meditation, awareness-based therapies, Yoga, and Buddhism to guide students into deep connection with their inner resources. With a collective experience of over 25 years teaching, Jenny and Kate are welcoming this new challenge of finding connection and community within the context of a global pandemic. Both pivoted to an online format at the start of the pandemic- teaching yoga and meditation, telehealth Rolfing sessions and counseling sessions all via Zoom – and have since logged many hours honing their craft via the screen. They feel ready to take on the experience of leading retreat remotely.