Rolfing Sessions

Single Sessions

For those who have just recently injured an ankle or a shoulder, for example, coming in for one session can alleviate much of that strain. Upright Rolfing offers individual sessions so that people may experience the work. For longer-term, persistent conditions, it is often the case that a series of 2 or 3 sessions will be necessary to bring the body into alignment. An individuated, effective plan is agreed upon between Kate and the client.

upright_rolfing_sessionsThe 10 Series

The 10 Series is the life work of the creator of Structural Integration, Dr. Ida Rolf. These ten sessions aim to systematically address the body from the most superficial of the fascial layers to the deepest. Each session builds on the previous one to create more support in the body as well as continuing to bring the structure toward more integration and health. This is an engaging process where the client has the opportunity to learn much about how the body functions and how to maintain this new and improved form. The changes experienced during the 10 Series are lasting and profound.