Yoga Instruction

upright_rolfing_yogaKate finds great satisfaction in weaving together the teachings of the yogic system with the wisdom of structural integration. Kate works individually with students to help fine tune their movement practice. This one-on-one guidance is helpful for those working with an injury or condition, especially when group classes move too quickly or do not address the student’s specific needs. It can also be beneficial to work “on the mat” to address some of the fascial patterning discovered through Rolfing® Structural Integration.

Kate teaches a drop-in class on Tuesdays at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers. She also teaches twice-yearly silent meditation and yoga retreats at with Jenny Hayo of Wiseheart Yoga. In addition, Kate works with several local businesses, teaching group classes to the staff members.

Please contact Kate if you are interested in individual yoga instruction or private group classes.

Private session, one hour $100

Private group class, 60 minutes $150